What exactly is it? 

A buzz word of late, many of us have heard of slow fashion. It's a reaction to fast fashion of course, but what exactly does that mean? Not to worry, we are about to jump right in & give you all the juicy details! 

To put it simply, slow fashion is quality based rather than time based fashion. Instead of buying new "trending" garments that only last a season, one invests in good quality items that will stand the test of time. 

Think better quality fabrics, products made in smaller batches, greater attention to detail & timeless designs. 

In a way, slow fashion is a way of life. It is a philosophy about how we purchase, wear & care for our clothing so they provide value for years. A large part of this is about reducing our consumption & buying quality over quantity. 

Some of the characteristics of slow fashion, include: 

- Made from high quality & sustainable materials

- Items are timeless & not a seasonal trend 

- Often made in smaller batches that are released once or twice a year

- Often sold by smaller, local enterprises 

Small & steady 

Another big & often overlooked aspect of the slow fashion movement is smaller collections, fewer yearly releases & specific styles. Duck has embraced this from the very beginning. Every year we release a small, curated range of products that are timeless & versatile. 

Our jackets are designed to be dressed up or down for any occasion: the gym, work, day or night. From the cut to the colour, we put a lot of care & thought in the range every year to make sure that you will have a quality jacket you will love for years.  

Don't leave it, love it! 

A big part of the slow fashion movement focuses on repairing garments when we can. Rather than dumping an item with the slightest fault, try where you can to mend it. The Duck Team is a big supporter of this, introducing our Duck Down jacket repair tape this year. Our "Duck Tape" kits feature a specialised clear tape that will effortlessly patch tears on your jacket. 


Wear. Enjoy. Wash. Repeat. 

Buying quality over quantity means that you are choosing value over volume. Often it is all too easy to be penny wise pound stupid. By investing in a quality item you love, means you are building a timeless & versatile wardrobe that is great for layering & travelling. 

Both our kaftan and jacket range are made with this in mind.

- They are made from durable & quality fabrics. 

- The styles & patterns are carefully chosen to be timeless & versatile year after year.

- They are great to layer & dress up or down

- Year upon year we tweak our range slightly, constantly trying to improve and provide more value to our customers. 

- Our designs are made with women & the planet in mind 


If you needed a little more inspo, have a look at our range here. 

Inga Goldberg