Keeping it simple 

One of the biggest selling points of a kaftan is that it is so easy to wash & care for. The Duck Apparel team firmly believes that life is hard enough as it is - we don't need to make it more complicated with something as simple as washing our clothes!

Made to Last. 

We are all for team luxury, however we are not behind fast fashion, flimsy fabrics or tedious care instructions. Clothing should be made to suit your lifestyle, not the other way around. Can I get a "Hell Yes"? 

In a nutshell, this means quality clothing that will stand the test of time, look fabulous & be a breeze to care for. Sounds pretty good right?

Travel. Wear. Wash. Repeat. 

Particularly when it comes to summer, we all want to take advantage of the long sunny days. Our kaftans fold into a beautiful (& might I add practical) travel bag which means you can always have a dress handy whether you are going to the beach, a function or a weekend away. The specially crafted soft yet durable fabric will not crease - making sure you look fabulous on the go! 

Wash, wash baby. 

When you are ready to wash your kaftan, turn it inside out & pop it in its bag (or just as is if you prefer). You can machine wash your kaftan on a gentle cycle & lay flat or hang to dry. And thats it. No need for ironing or special detergents. If you are on the go you can also hand wash your kaftan in minutes & hang to dry in record time. 

Now you can have a dress (or two) that will come on adventures with you, summer after summer. 

Have a look here for some summer inspiration. 

Inga Goldberg