8 Reasons Why I Love My Duck Down Jacket

Its that time of year were the valuable real estate in our cupboards is trading in halter necks for hoodies. As my bikinis made way for winter boots, I lovingly hung up my down jacket next to a few other coats and jackets. The last few winters I have lived in my down jackets. Short of sleeping in them, there are few occasions my puffer jacket is left at home. This got me thinking, what did I do before I had my trusty down jacket? And the truth is…I either used to wear jackets which looked good but didn’t really keep me warm. Or I was warm but didn’t feel very elegant or fashionable. If you have a down jacket in your cupboard, you might be familiar with the feeling. Your down jacket is fashionable and actually keeps you warm. Here are a few other reasons I absolutely love my down jacket:
  1. Roll, store and go! It is so easy to take your down jacket with you, wherever you go.
  2. So many winter coats are bulky and heavy. The beauty of a down jacket is that it is so light and functional. 
  3. No-nonsense approach to luxury - down jackets are as comfy as PJ’s but acceptable to wear in public. Bonus.
  4. If the shoe fits….Sneakers, boots or heels? With a down jacket you can wear them all! 
  5. You can dress them up or down. Gym, work, dinner date, girls night? No problem. There is a puffy jacket for every occasion. 
  6. You don’t have to throw fashion out the window! They can be styled beautifully, especially with the beautiful colours offered by Duck Apparel ;)
  7. They are not fast fashion and have been “in” for years! The worlds first down jacket was created in 1936! I think is safe to say the down jacket is here to stay.
  8. They insulate and regulate your heat, so you have a wider temperature range. No sudden sweats ladies 🤣

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Love Inga,

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Inga Goldberg
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