As winter approaches, we are getting ready to unpack our fluffy, insulating Duck Down jackets which become almost a second skin to many of us braving the chill. But what happens when your trusted shield against the cold gets a rip or tear? Before you consider parting with your cozy companion, let’s explore an effective and straightforward solution: duck down jacket repair tape. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to give your jacket a new lease on life, ensuring it remains your winter ally for seasons to come.

Why Duck Down Jacket Repair Tape?

Duck down jackets, though durable, can be prone to damage from sharp objects or an unfortunate snag. Repair tape is a specialised adhesive designed to mend these tears seamlessly without compromising the jacket's aesthetics or functionality. It's an easy, quick fix that doesn’t require sewing skills or a professional tailor. It's also extremely cost effective. 

Choosing the Right Repair Tape

Not all repair tapes are created equal, especially when it comes to fabric like that of a duck down jacket. This is where Duck Apparel's repair tape ticks all the boxes:

  • Water-resistant: To maintain the jacket’s ability to repel water.
  • Flexible: It moves with the fabric without peeling off.
  • Durable: It will withstand wear, tear, and washing.
  • Matching: Our tape is clear, so it will match any colour or pattern of jacket.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Duck Down Jacket Repair Tape

Step 1: Clean the Area

Ensure the area around the tear is clean and dry. Any dirt or moisture can affect the adhesive’s ability to bond to the jacket fabric.

Step 2: Flatten the Tear

Lay the jacket on a flat surface and gently align the torn edges as neatly as possible. Avoid overlapping the fabric, as this can create a bulge.

Step 3: Cut the Repair Tape

Measure the length of the tear and cut a piece of repair tape to extend a little beyond the tear on all sides. This ensures a secure bond. It also helps to round the edges of the piece you have cut to ensure the patch will not lift!

Step 4: Apply the Tape

Peel off the backing of the tape to reveal the adhesive side. Carefully place the tape over the tear, starting from one end and slowly smoothing it down to the other end to avoid air bubbles. Be gentle but firm to ensure the tape adheres well.


Step 5: Let It Cure

Allow the tape to set and bond. It usually takes a few hours, but we reccommend letting it cure overnight for best results.


Once the repair tape is applied, and your jacket is ready for action, keep the following in mind to ensure the repair lasts:

  • Follow Washing Instructions: Gentle washing is key. If possible, hand wash the repaired area or use a gentle cycle if machine washing is necessary.
  • Avoid Direct Heat: Never iron your jacket!
  • Inspect Regularly: Check the tape periodically to ensure it’s holding up. If edges start to peel, you can apply a new piece of tape following the same steps.


There’s no need to say goodbye to your favourite duck down jacket over a small tear. With duck down jacket repair tape, you can extend the life of your jacket and continue to enjoy its warmth and comfort for many winters to come. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution that keeps you, and your jacket, looking great.

Inga Goldberg